January 11, 2016: Climate Ride: New Year, New Reasons, and New Resolutions

Our journey was very much defined by the people we met. Each and every relationship formed, each person that told us their faith was renewed in the [global climate] movement, that they are looking at their role in the world anew, or that they thought they might be able to come to Paris to join us in the streets – these were glorious moments.

December 11, 2015: Outside Magazine: These Adventurers Took the (Really) Long Way to the Climate Talks

But a handful of ultra-committed activists from around the globe made the trip using as few fossil fuels as possible.

December 9, 2015: Dartmouth Now: Dartmouth Community Members Attend Climate Conference

“The transition from the travel to being inside the meeting is quite dramatic. This place is frantic, bureaucratic, and, frankly, disconnected from the people of the climate movement outside these hallowed halls.”

December 2, 2015: The Vermont Conversation: Biking to Paris for climate change

“Quite often we had to turn the questions we ask others on ourselves… why do we do what we do?”

December 1, 2015: NRDC: 5,000 young people are here at #COP21. They want world leaders to hear them.

“I’m here to defend a chance for a different story of humanity.”

November 29, 2015: It’s All Good Radio Show: When Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things

Our interview together moved me deeply and still resonates with me today. I had the privilege of speaking with two people who had such clarity of purpose and who care so deeply about our world and knowing they are working in this way, gives me such hope for our future.

November 25, 2015: Marketplace, National Public Radio: Britain says it’s a world-beater on curbing emissions

Environmentalists the length and breadth of Britain must be rejoicing.  But are they?

“No they’re not!” observed Morgan Curtis, a bicycling climate campaigner.

November 22, 2015: Isle of Wight County Press: Globetrotting campaigners make Isle of Wight stop

“Living on the Island helped me to understand the world in a very different way to my classmates. The roots of my interest in climate change always points to my time on the Island.”

November 13, 2015: Nuvo: Meet the Indiana delegates headed to the Paris climate talks 

“…climate change is so much more than solar and wind power. It is about economic, gender, and racial justice. It is about people power. It is about reclaiming our democracy to create the economic and social structures that don’t exploit the planet and its people.”

November 7, 2015: OneWorld NL: Fietsend de wereld over voor klimaatstorytelling

“I have pain in my legs, arm and lower back.” We all burst out laughing, the day this they have in a day eighty km cycled with heavy packs, accompanied by Dutch rain. The day before, and before that as well. “It is not always easy, but we can appreciate the vulnerability brings with itself. If we after making 10 000 km arrive in Paris we are encouraged by the trip, every kilometer adds to the feeling that we did not go away just like that. “

November 5, 2015: The Independent: Paris Conference: Pair of cyclists approaches city in time for climate summit after five month journey

Asked how the UK compared with the other countries they had visited, they said the level of engagement among the people they met was relatively high – but lamented the fact that this didn’t appear to be shared by the government, in particular over its recent decision to halt onshore windfarm subsidies and proposals to slash support for solar panels.

October 16, 2015: BBC Radio Ulster, appearance on Good Morning Ulster

You’re not just cycling. You have a message, don’t you?

October 6, 2015: Miljöpodden: Episode 1: Climate Journey

An hour-long podcast featuring grassroots movements, activism & hope for future!

October 4, 2015: Jugendbündnis Zukunftsenergie: Der Klimawandel wird die Welt verändern – wenn wir uns nicht vorher bewegen

Garrett and Morgan want to build an active and informed global network on climate change.

September 21, 2015: First Here, Then Everywhere: Featured Venture and Interview: Climate Journey

“We have also seen that taking action, mobilizing beyond our everyday lives, is a positive and meaningful shift for each individual’s life. We have heard so many stories of how engaging with the movement has been the best decision that they have ever made.”

September 11, 2015: Hallandsposten: Med pedalkraft till klimatmötet i Paris

“We’ve been interviewed many times along the way, but you are actually the first reporter which arrived by bike.”

September 10, 2015: Borås Tidning: De tar cykeln till klimatconferensen i Paris

“It is really an advantage to meet in person, now we know each other and can begin our work immediately in Paris,” said  Lövström.

August 29, 2015: Climate Action: Biking to COP21 – Three Teams Travel 18,000 Miles for Climate Change

Most of us don’t have the time or desire to bike halfway round the world for the climate. Nor are we steeped in the nuances of climate negotiations and the critical details surrounding COP21.

But we ‘get it’ when we watch others drop everything to take on monumental achievements for causes which we hold fast. Surely, if they can brave wind, rain, trucks, heat and mountain passes – we can do our part too.

Let’s start by telling their stories.

August 27, 2015: Bergens Tidende: Tråkker tusen mil for bedre klima

-Og hva bør Norge bidra med?
– Norge kan spille en viktig rolle som et rikt, oljeproduserende land. Dere bør la oljen bli liggende, og heller bruke ressursene på å bli en stormakt innen fornybar energi, sier han.

[What can Norway contribute?

“Norway can play an important role as a rich, oil-producing country. You need to keep the oil in the ground, not use the resources to become a major power of renewable energy.”]

August 25, 2015: Bestle Foreldrenes Klima Aksjon: Climate Journey – sykler for klimaet

Denne uka kom de til Stavanger, der Natur og Ungdom og Besteforeldrenes klimaaksjon var vertskap, og der de fikk møte både politikere og media. «An amazing welcome!», skriver de på Twitter.

[This week, they came to Stavanger, where Nature and Youth and Grandparents climate action was host, and where they met with politicians and the media. “An amazing welcome!”, They write on Twitter. ]

August 24, 2015: NRK Radio: Distrikts Program Rogaland

“We see the conference as an incredible opportunity to show one another that we can do this… more than that, we can show we have the movement needed to take on this crisis with action from the grassroots up.”

August 6, 2015: Morgunblaðið: Frá Banda­ríkj­un­um til Par­ís­ar á hjóli (From the United States to Paris on a Bike)

Að lok­um seg­ir Curt­is að dvöl þeirra á Íslandi hafi hingað til verið frá­bær.

„Við heyr­um svo mikið um kraft lýðræðis­ins hérna, fram­för­ina í rétt­inda­bar­áttu kvenna og alla end­ur­nýj­an­legu ork­una. Þessi boðskap­ur á er­indi við all­an heim­inn og ég vil hvetja Íslend­inga til að þrýsta á önn­ur lönd, svo að við get­um hafið þessa bylt­ingu sem við þurf­um öll á að halda.“

[Finally, Curt­is says that their stay in Ice­land has so far been excell­ent.

“We hear so much about the power of democracy here, progress is of equal rights for women and all renewable energy. These messa­ges have a messa­ge for the whole world and I want to encoura­ge people to push the ot­her countries, so that we can have this revoluti­on that we all need to keep. “]

July 18, 2015: Bangor Daily News: From Maine to France… by bicycle?

“[Working at Chewonki] really gave me the time to think about environmental activism and how to make the most of the skills and resources at my disposal,” Curtis said

July 16, 2015: NRDC: A 10,000km Climate Journey

Along the way, Morgan and Garrett will be capturing the stories of the people and communities along their route that are mobilizing for a just transition.

They’ll be speaking and sharing with brave citizens resisting fossil-fuel extraction and pushing for solutions to the climate crisis.

July 15, 2015: Lincoln County News: From Chewonki to Paris: A Journey to Raise Awareness

“There’s so much amazing work being done in these communities,” Curtis said. “Get involved. That’s our number one message.”

June 30, 2015: Wiscasset Newspaper: One bike ride at a time

The climate-conscious 23-year-olds are riding an average of 40 miles a day; along the way, the two are spreading word about the need to address climate change for economic and other reasons that go beyond nature’s sake.

June 22, 2015: Vermont Digger: Youth Climate Change Delegates Bicycling 10,000km from Vermont to UN Climate Conference

Starting in Vermont, they have been speaking with local people organizing against the proposed Vermont Gas Systems’ pipeline, understanding their motivations to act in response to climate change and fossil fuel extraction. They see their storytelling as a tool for inspiring followers from around the world.

June 19, 2015: Dartmouth Now: Cycling to Paris: ‘Climate Journey’ to U.N. Conference

Curtis says it’s not, in the end, about the stamps in her passport or even the bike-miles to log. The point—besides arriving in Paris in time for the opening of the climate conference—is connecting with people along the way.

Traveling by bike will keep her and Blad close to the people and communities whose stories they want to hear, learn from, and share.

“It’s not so much about the biking as the stories,” she says.

June 17, 2015: WDEV Radio’s The Vermont Conversation with David Goodman: Climate journey: Biking round the world for climate change

“How did you two meet?”

June 12, 2015: Press Release: Two Youth Climate Change Delegates Bicycling 10,000km to United Nations Climate Conference

“I am setting out on my bicycle because I feel complicit in the unjust systems that are driving climate change,” Blad said. “With the knowledge and questions that I have, I cannot sit idle.”

June 8, 2015: Sustainable Indiana: A Climate Journey to Paris

When most people plan a trip to Paris, they book a flight in anticipation of seeing the sights, visiting the Louvre, enjoying some pastries, relaxing in a café.

Most people are not Garrett Blad.

June 3, 2015: Climate Ride: Independent Challenge Spotlight: Climate Stories and the COP21 Conference

We start bicycling in the hopes that this story, our story, the stories of those we meet and the places we visit, will motivate others to join the growing community of those of us who believe in a better future. On arrival in Paris we will be inside the negotiation halls, working as youth delegates with twenty other young people from across the United States with SustainUS. Do we have any idea what is about to happen? No, thankfully. I somehow have faith that climate action in 2015 will exceed all expectations.

May 31, 2015: Notre Dame Her Campus: Climate Hero & Recent Graduate: Meet Garrett Blad ’15

Some of the biggest challenges? Ummm…rain, cold, bears, thieves, wet clothes, mountains, and mosquitos to name just a few. Beyond the physical discomforts we will inevitably face, the biggest challenge I believe will be elevating the voices of others without raising my own voice as a white and highly privileged male. Understanding my place in this international movement will be a delicate dance of knowing when I need to step up and when I need to step back.

April 30, 2015: Dartmouth Engineer Magazine: Dartmouth Engineer Bikes on a “Climate Journey to UN Conference”

“My Thayer education infused me with a belief that with a solid plan and a willingness to deviate wildly from it, most anything is possible,” says Curtis.

Since graduation, Curtis has been teaching environmental issues and energy solutions classes at  Chewonki Semester School in Maine.

“I’ve been thinking and dreaming alongside my inspiring and motivated high school students about our collective futures,” says Curtis. “I have had the chance to slow down and contemplate the climate crisis and the opportunity our generation has to build a better world.”

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