We are so grateful you are interested in supporting Climate Journey. This project is only possible with generous support of many kinds – logistical, financial, and emotional – each important in their own way. Have an idea for us? Get in touch by email.

Crowd funding:  if you have the capacity, please donate to support either or both of us: Morgan or Garrett. We will be forever grateful, and would love to send you a postcard, poem or photograph from a location of your choice

Communities & hosts:  Where should we stop on our journey? Do you know of any people or places along our route mobilizing for climate action? We should love to visit

Teammates:  Know someone looking to combine their passions for climate justice, story-telling and adventure travel? Send them our way

Sponsors: Welcoming sponsors both financial and in kind. Do we have similar goals? We would love to support you by writing, displaying or using your name or products

Endorsements: Does your organization believe in what we are doing? Happy to put your logo below

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