Here you will find galleries of photos and collages – photographs to record the places and people we meet and collage to explore the challenging, complex and emotional ideas we are chewing on during the journey.


Source material for my collages have been collected from magazines and books I brought with me as well as from town newspapers, city food magazines, National Geographic magazines from Bill Coperthwaite’s guest yurt, a history book purchased at Happy Shoppe (an antique bookstore on Deer Island, Canada), and many, many other places along the road. Using source material from the places we are visiting is one way of connecting more deeply with the physical places we are journeying through, and a way to ground my art in the idea of place.

My current work explores the human/nature binary, an ideology I believe at the root of most environmental degradation and social oppression. Issues of technology, gender, race and identity are reified – yet hardly reconciled – in these fragmented hand-cut paper images. Vandalization of the source material helps to create novel ways of visualizing and understanding complex ideas, recontextualizing recognizable images in a purposefully chaotic manner. While the original source narratives are dissolved, new ones are put together, simultaneously destroying and creating the very idea of narrative.